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Business and Financial Advisory

Successful organisations need a range of advisory services in the Transformative Age to support long-term growth plans. Our multi-disciplinary service enables you to structure effectively and maximise the value of your businesses.

How Do We Work

What We Offer

At Ooi & Associates, we are committed to help and serve our clients. We carefully consider the people, process, technology and risk aspects of our clients’ organisations. Leveraging on the experiences gained from previous projects, we have been helping foreign and Malaysian businesses with distinction since the inception of Ooi & Associates. Ooi & Associates is here to help your business succeed in a fast-moving environment. At Ooi & Associates, we endeavour to tailor solutions to suit our client’s needs. Our experts have the knowledge, insight and experience to deliver the support you and your business need.

Key product and services offered include:

  • Setting up of business system

  • Advice and implementation of accounting system

  • Expatriate and employment pass application

  • Trademark application

  • Application for permits and licenses of relevant ministry or government agencies

  • Financial facilities application

  • Will writing and estate planning

  • Internal Audit

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